Artist Naini Ahluwalia, started painting from a young age and had a lucky break when she was offered the opportunity for her first solo exhibition in 1991. The first show was critiqued by the top art critics of the time; the positive reviews for the self-taught gifted artist came as a surprise. This was just the beginning of an art career. Since then her art has gained much popularity. There is freedom of expression and depth that only comes when one is well versed with the subject and the medium. Aside from working in the depths of minimalist style being a prolific painter she works in other mediums and styles.

Naini has exhibited over the years in India, Scotland, London and US. She has also had various exclusive agent representations. Her work was selected for the 12th Cleveland International Drawing Biennale 1996 (UK). She regularly takes part in events and exhibits around the country including St Ives and Cambridge.

Preferred medium is oils on canvas but also works in ink and wash, watercolours, acrylics, pastels etc. Sizes: Various (from A4 upwards of large scale up to 2 meters)

Commissions are welcome for any abstract art-work including doing portraits from a photograph / jpg image.

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