Lynne McGechie


Yorkshire born Lynne McGechie has studied pottery at Harrow, Bedford and W. Herts as well as attending short courses with eminent potters such as Matthew Blakely, James Oughtibridge and Richard Phethian. She is a member of the Dacorum and Chilterns Potters Guild, the Icknield Potters and Anglian Potters and has exhibited her work around the North London and East Anglian region for several years.

She uses throwing to create simple functional pieces and hand building to create more expressive sculptural forms. Her functional work is made of stoneware, fired to a high temperature using various gloss glazes. For the decoration of her sculptural pieces, also stoneware, she often carves into the surface using oxides to emphasise the texture or uses slips and sgraffito to create patterns that complement the form of the piece.

Some of her work is smoke fired, a technique which allows the fire to create the surface decoration. The effects are unpredictable and can have beautiful and startling results.

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