Lucy Sugden


“I graduated from Middlesex University in 1997 with a degree in Constructed Textiles, specialising in Woven Tapestry. At the time I was interested in the visual effects of water and light reflection, looking for an alternative material to weave with rather than traditional wool and cotton I started to explore working with monofilament.
In 2006 life circumstances meant having to take a break from making art. In 2016 I was able to return to weaving and begin again to explore and develop a process that captivates me. My woven tapestries are constructed using traditional techniques, exploring the techniques of the process. Inspiration for work comes from nature, the beauty in small and delicate that catches the eye, on closer inspection more beautiful and intricate than was first seen. A thought process behind a series of work often relates to society and species, the restraints, the assumptions, the individual and the collective group.

Work is often constructed with monofilament, a material I enjoy using because of the challenges it gives and the aesthetic appeal. However since to returning to weaving I have questioned the environmental impact of the fibre and as a result I am starting to use recycled/old fishing line where I can, and send all my waste fibres to LISA, a UK angling society who are involved in beach care and recycling fishing line.

Since returning to my art I have exhibited in various group shows and had a solo exhibition. I am a member of The British Tapestry Group and Herts Textiles Group”

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