Laura Dunmow

Laura is a full time artist, living and working in Hertfordshire. Her land and seascapes are a semi abstract representations paintings of her personal journeys, capturing atmosphere and drama in nature and all of its’ seasons.

Her inspiration is immersed in the classical style of oil painting that centres on the aesthetic values of colour and unity of space, where the use of light and interpreted brush strokes create her distinctive style. They are inspired by Turner works and how he handles colour, an interplay between light and dark.

Her landscapes are of wide vistas, where the skies and the clouds take on their own majestic beauty. With infinite possibilities, clouds are her endless source of fascination, aiming to capture their brilliant colour changes from dawn to dusk. Contrasting light and dark with textural references for billowing clouds, swiping stokes for shifting sands, or drifting skies she is conveying a moment of drama or even the stillness in a moment of a day. There’s just a suggestion of a horizon that determines a sense of scale and distance.

Laura continues to expand her collection of paintings exploring new horizons. She exhibits and shows her work throughout the three counties and at large contemporary fairs across the south of the UK.

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