Karin Friedli


“I am a contemporary landscape artist. The beauty of nature inspires me, capturing the intensity of the light at different times of the day and exploring the varying weather patterns and changing seasons. My expressive style tries to catch an impression of the landscape, its mood and energy from invigorating to tranquil, the unique time and place as well as a reflection of the fragility of nature.

I like to form an impression without focusing on every detail by using loose movements, using my bare fingers and hands, as well as palette knives, splattering, scraping, rags and sometimes a paintbrush. Most of my paintings are created using mixed media methods including acrylic and oil paint, charcoal and pastels. I experiment with different textures, such as impasto painting, tiling past, coffee grounds or painting gels to encourage free mark making. My aim is to hopefully evoke the energy of the landscape in order to capture the imagination of the viewer.”

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