Jill Taylor


Studied at:

Jacob Cramer College, Leeds
Academie Minerva in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Having lived in the Netherlands and travelled in New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia and China, Jill returned to the UK and is a practising artist living and working in Ampthill.

“For as long as I can remember, the use of symbols has been a constant feature in my paintings. I like to work in bold colour and mixed media, employing rough texture to add a primitive feel.  There in front of the paintings, eyes and hands search the surface for hidden forces which open up and reveal their identity as they materialise.”

My work explores emotions through gestural paintings that speak of  an intense relationship with nature and an inner intimate experience at the same time.  Visual inspiration comes from my love of the Lake District so the paintings project what I both see and feel, looking and being in a rugged landscape with my mind open to the magic of the ever-changing wind, rain, sun and sky.

Recent Exhibitions

Wynd Gallery Letchworth Garden City
Eagle Gallery  Castle Road  Bedford
Court Yard. Studios Ampthill
Dangley Legs and Lollipop Trees
4 Colourways  Exhibition Bromham Mill and Gallery
Golden Hare Gallery Ampthill
Bedfordshire Open Studio
Moat Farm Gallery Stoke Hammond
Bedfordshire Open Studios
Woburn Abbey Bedfordshire
Purple Poppy Gallery Ampthill
Garden Art Exhibition Luton Hoo Walled Garden
Artist of the Month The Art Centre Bedford
The Annual Winter Art Sale, Woburn Abbey Bedfordshire
London Luton Airport Bedfordshire
The New Gallery Olney Buckinghamshire
What’re y’like Bromham Mill Gallery Bedfordshire
Eastern open KingLynn Centre Norfolk
The Place The Second Open Exhibition
Artist in Action Bedford
Chapel Gallery Risely Bedfordshire

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