Dawn Dominic

In 2003, Dawn left a high-powered corporate IT career to overcome skin cancer, and was discharged in 2007. During that 4-year period, she revisited her childhood artistic talents, and used them to heal and totally change her life’s focus and direction. After getting some basic arts education, she has concentrated on being an inspiring creator in the world of sculptural 3D art and tactile mixed media.

‘I want to create a permanent legacy of my being here, and to inspire others to do the same. I want to use art as a means of expressing and managing internal confusion, that pure words and pictures can’t really achieve, but somehow 3D tactile art seemed to work perfectly. I want to do something more worthwhile with my life, and use all of my skills in achieving it.’

Dawn is self-taught and uses natural and man-made materials, especially recycled ones that are found or given. This includes stone, aerated (‘breeze’) block, cement, plaster, wood, wire, metals, clay, bottles, window glass, textiles, ribbons, cardboard, paper, plastics.

‘My inspiration comes from many places such as folklore and spiritualism, trying to capture specific emotions and feelings usually in the female form, acknowledging the ever-changing societal expectations of us ‘Humans’ over time, and drawing on the deep insights that were gained from managing and guiding people through turbulent corporate times. Commission requests have a great influence on the outcome, as does the look and feel of the materials being used. Each piece draws the viewer in and speaks to them directly. Many ask for more about its creation and meaning. Each piece has its own story to tell.’

Dawn is an active member of various local art groups, including Hertfordshire Visual Arts (HVA) and Hitchin Art Hub. She has participated in the annual HVA Open Studios since 2009, demonstrating at exhibitions and local events across the Home Counties, and also provides small group workshops in transferable carving skills to enable clients to move easily and confidently onto their favoured medium. Dawn has recently completed a 2-year residency at Mardleybury Gallery in Datchworth, and will continue to show her work as part of the local and wider artist community. Dawn’s work is currently in collections in UK, France, Holland, Spain, Australia and South Korea.

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