Aneta Wiorek


Aneta Wiorek is an Macedonian artist, though born and raised in the former Yugoslavian Republic. She has been resident in the UK for several years.

Aneta’s work draws inspiration from a wide and diverse range of artistic genres: Hannah Hoch, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Barbara Kruger, Peter Kennard, Rebecca Horn, Carolee Schneemann and Marina Abramovic are amongst other artists whose influence Aneta’s work. Similar to the afore-mentioned artists Aneta’s work is a fusion of apparent utter simplicity portrayed through photography and performance that takes a unique view of the world and its many problems, joys and complexities. She attempts to bring specific issues and through her work and processes, she wants to draw the viewer inside, to escape their normal perceptions and consider an issue from a fresh position, stimulating thought through the medium of new forms of art and expression and applying them to the global themes that concern all of us. Art, politics and society are all themes she has explored.

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