Elaine Keohane


My foray into the world of Art and Design began with a Foundation Degree in Fashion and Textiles. There I became excited by the possibilities of working in layers, creating windows both in materials and print, combining them with the myriad of stitch and knit techniques that allow for not only interesting surface and textural designs, but also the ability to tell a story. Carrying these skills forward, I embarked upon the BA(Hons) in Contemporary Applied Arts where the technical processes of creating a unique piece of fabric, dominated my time. Print, Devore, Discharge and Dyeing all featured in my work, along with Digital printing derived from my screen printing samples. From there, I have continued to explore the potential of an image/sample, using different processes to change the outcome.

I teach full-time and am an advocate of the art and design process enabling young people to communicate and express themselves, as well as providing a core set of transferrable skills which engenders confidence and self-belief.

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